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The application "Play Minigolf" is the worlds most popular mobile application for visitors at a minigolf course. The app is a web application which means that it is fast to download and it takes minimal space when not used. Even if it is a web app it can still be used without Internet connection.

The visitors will get:
  • An electronic scorecard in their smart phone
  • Playing hints in text or video
  • History of previous rounds
  • Possiblilty to compare results with other players
  • Images of course and holes
  • Statistics
  • Two modes: Public players and professional players

Course owner will get:

  • Increased revenue
  • Web based interface where information, pictures and videos can be changed
  • Possibility to add sponsor images
News 2017: Playing tips in from the application is now also published on

Works in iOS, Android and Windows. The application is a web application so the phones browser is used to find it.

Enter one of the addresses in the mobile phones browser (eg. Safari, Chrome and Edge). Select course, enter players and begin to play.

Chech Republic:
France:  (demo only, with swedish courses)
England: (demo only, with swedish courses)

If you want your course in the application just send an email to More countries can be added.

Price: 50 EUR per course and year. New countries will get first year at no charge.

The application also works in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on PC but it is not optimized for usage on PC. The application does not work in Internet Explorer.


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