ScoreAnalyser is the program for PC that improves a minigolfers result. ScoreAnalyser is a tool if you want to register statistics and analyse your play. ScoreAnalyser is available in English. Do you want to keep track of your minigolf balls? There is no better way to do this than in ScoreAnalyser. Now it is also possible to import the results from the Internet pages of Bangolf Arena.

For a cost of less that 4 balls you get a tool that will help you more than these balls.

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Download ScoreAnalyser 2.1.1 and try for free. Install/run as administrator. This is not the team version. Contact to get the team version.

System requirement: Windows, PC

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The program exists in two configurations:

  • ScoreAnalyser
    - Analyse results for up to 4 players.
    Price: 895 SEK which is around 80 EUR.
  • ScoreAnalyser Team
    - Analyse results for up to 200 players.
    Price: 4995 SEK which is about 420 EUR.

If you have questions or are interested in the team version send an E-mail.

Price includes VAT.

Hole types
Play variants

Goal analysis
Ball analysis
Play analysis
Stroke analysis
Strategy analysis
Rescue analysis

Right practice
Right focus
Better results!!!

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