Software for Minigolf In Swedish

Isberg Information is a Swedish software company that serves the international market with Software for Minigolf. Below is a list of the current product offering.

Play Minigolf

Play Minigolf is an electronic scorecard for visitors and professional minigolf players. The application works in smart phones and tablets e.g. iPhone and Android. The course will be more attrative to visitors when offering an electronic scorecard for the visitor.

Connected to the app is also where players find playing tips for courses around the world.

(Follow link to download and try for free)


ScoreAnalyser is an application for PC by which you can improve your minigolf results. You use the program in a way that has been proven to work in real life for top players. You set up goals and then analyse the results quickly and easy. The program immediately shows where you shall put your practice effort in order to achieve good scores in the most efficient way. For the advanced user there are possibilities to analyse statistics at a deep level. The program also features an advanced ball register where you can keep track of yours and other players minigolf balls.

ScoreAnalyser Lite
ScoreAnalyser Lite is a free application for smart phones and tablets (e.g. iPad) that can be used to count +/-. Enter this link in your device browser to get the application:

The application doesn't use the mobile network when it is loaded.

Bangolf Arena

Bangolf Arena is an application that helps you arrange a minigolf tournament. You save time and increase the service. You can download English, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Dutch and French version of Bangolf Arena from this site. Other language versions can be developed upon request. Sign up for the newsletter to receive information about Bangolf Arena.

Bangolf Arena Online is a system which can be a single source of information for all tournaments, players, courses, federations and everything you can think of when it comes to professional minigolf. Bangolf Arena Onlines first official version was developed during 2019 and went live 2020 with the first federations. Contact Isberg Information if you are interested in Bangolf Arena Online.

ScoreAnalyser Mobile

ScoreAnalyser Mobile is the application, which gives you a simpler version of ScoreAnalyser in your mobile phone. You will have an electronic score card, can keep track of team standings and can improve your results in a way similar to ScoreAnalyser for PC. "ScoreAnalyser Mobile" is available in several languages. "ScoreAnalyser Mobile" runs in your mobile phone, if the phone supports Java ME. This product is no longer available.

Follow the links or contact Isberg Information for more information about the software above.